IVANOVETS КС-45717К-3-58

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Moving on roads without overloading

Truck Crane KC-45717K-3-58 meets the requirements of the regulations for transporting of goods for roads category 10ts on axial loads in the working configuration. This allows moving on the roads without the need to dismantle counterweights or other parts of the superstructure. Load on the rear bogie - does not exceed 15000 kgf! The truck crane can move freely on the roads without any additional charges or approvals - and is immediately ready for operation upon arrival at the site.

High efficiency with the Zollern planetary cargo winch

The design of the truck crane uses a fast and reliable planetary winch from Zollern.

The Zollern planetary winch combined with a high-performance crane slewing mechanism ensures high efficiency in cyclic lifting operations.

24-meter Ovoid boom

The design of the telescopic boom of the truck crane KС-45717K-3-58 is made on a completely automatic production line on technology of the present ovoide. Semi-ambush of the boom is formed by only 2 WPB with the formation of full radius sections, due to which the boom has a great resistance to loss of local stability, provides high reliability and better working conditions of mating side bearers.

To achieve the boom length of 24 m, 3 telescopic boom sections are used, which are extended with a single boom extension ram and mating rope luffing. This is a reliable solution to reduce services costs. The design of the boom makes the total weight of the jib itself considerably lighter, thus increasing the payload capacity.

Cross-road KAMAZ's 43118 chassis powered by a methane

The truck crane is mounted on the gas-engine chassis KAMAZ-43118 that uses CNG (compressed natural gas) (compressed methane) as fuel. The system of cylinders placed on the truck crane allows filling 1120 liters of gas fuel. Due to this, it is possible to travel up to 500 km or 24 hours of continuous operation.

Technical characteristics

  • Base chassis
  • Axle configuration
  • Engine
Lifting characteristics
  • Max. lifting capacity, tn
  • Load moment, tm
  • Support contour, m
    5,2 х 4,0
  • Boom length, m
    8,0 - 18,0
  • Jib length, m
Maximum load-lifting height, m
  • With main boom
  • With jib
Working radius, m
  • With main boom
    1,9 - 17,0
  • With jib
    8,0 - 17,0
  • Speed of lifting (lowering) of the load at 8-fold stocking of the cargo rope, m / min
    0,2 - 7,5
  • Maximum speed of lifting (lowering) the hook, m/min
  • The speed of landing, m/min
  • Travelling speed, km/h
    0,3 - 2,4
  • Slewing speed, min-1
Dimensions, mm
  • Length, mm
    10 000
  • Width, mm
    2 500
  • Height, mm
    3 520
  • Gross weight with jib, t
Axle load, t
  • Weight on front axle
  • Weight on rear axle

Load-lifting characteristics

In crane operation area 240 degrees
Note: Load capacity in brackets for handling toxic agents and explosive materials is indicated, if different.

Options for autocranes

optional parts