About the plant

AVTOKRAN Ivanovo Machinery plant produces automobile cranes under "IVANOVETS" trademark with the loading capacity from 16 to 50 tons.

Since its establishment in 1950 the plant has produced over 159'000 autocranes that have been sold to more than 70 countries of the world.

Many years' experience in production and development

"IVANOVETS" means more than a semicentennial history of leadership, a unique experience and competencies in effective solution of engineering tasks in the manufacture of modern competitive products. For decades of automobile cranes production Ivanovo's design-engineering school has become the leading one in the crane-building industry, it sets modern development trends and embraces new technologies in engineering and manufacture of the products.

Modernized production

"In 2011 the factory underwent production modernization including infrastructure and a research base. A unique robotic center for ovoid boom production is in the commercial operation. High degree of automation of all workflows guarantees impeccable accuracy and quality of autocrane boom manufacture. Cumulative investments into production modernization have exceeded 800 mln Rubles.

Unique features of U-shape booms

Usage of U-shape booms with "IVANOVETS" autocranes ensures optimal distribution of static and dynamic stresses; elevated boom strength without increasing its mass; substantially higher local stability of "compression booms"; imparts exceptional torsional and flexural rigidity to the boom thus allowing to reduce its mass. Usage of U-shape booms in the development of new products allows creating autocranes with 4-section booms that don't need counterweight dismantling to move along the roads completely legally.

Technological leadership

Modern autocranes "IVANOVETS" mounted on Euro-5 chassis feature with strict compliance to technically allowable loads permitted by a chassis manufacturer. Design-integrated hi-tech solutions allow creating cranes with boom lengths exceeding 30 meters that comply with requirements to axle loads when moving along the roads in the complete configuration. Automobile cranes "IVANOVETS" do not need assistance of other vehicles (to haul a counterweight or a jib), and upon arrival to the spot are ready for operation at heights of up to 40 meters.